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Shanghai Baoshan International Folk Art Museum , 4788 Hutai Lu Thu 15 Oct 2015 - Thu 05 Nov 2015 (Every day except Monday) Free

This event has now passed.

American artist Brian Michael Reed will debut 'Journey Into the Red Mist', his newest solo exhibition series created in partnership with the Shanghai Baoshan Folk Arts Museum, that investigates the meaning of the lotus. It is a part of Country Life: Brian Michael Reed’s Interaction with Peasant Culture. This exhibition is presented as the contemporary art section of the Fall Shanghai Baoshan International Folk Arts Festival. Country life will include works from Brian’s previous exhibitions to highlight his past experiences living in the countryside of China in places like Songzhuang, Zhujiajiao, and Xucun to transition viewers to his most recent experiences with the Baoshan peasant culture. Concepts for this exhibition include ideas on meaning, experience, and memorialisation. Over one hundred paintings and numerous installations, sculptures, videos and performance pieces will lead you through a young foreigner’s viewpoints about what he finds meaningful in Chinese culture.
Date: Thu 15 Oct 2015 - Thu 05 Nov 2015 (Every day except Monday)
Event admission: FREE
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Venue name: Shanghai Baoshan International Folk Art Museum
Open: Tue-Sun 9am-4pm, closed Mondays
Metro: Gucun Park
English address: 4788 Hutai Lu, Baoshan district
Chinese address: 宝山区沪太路4788号
Event telephone: 18640981349
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