Dunhuang 1650

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Photograph: @宝龙美术馆 via Weibo
Powerlong Museum , 3055 Caobao Road Sat 27 Apr - Sun 14 Jul (Every day except Monday)

This event has now passed.

In cooperation with Dunhuang Research Academy, the big budget exhibition fills the basement-level hall with 200 ancient murals, sculptures and Tibetan Buddhist scriptures, together with 3,000 square meters of sand and 10,000 dry plants, all for the purpose of replicating some of the Dunhuang Mogao caves hundreds of years of history preserves.

Date: Sat 27 Apr - Sun 14 Jul (Every day except Monday)
Event admission: 120RMB
Venue name: Powerlong Museum
English address: Powerlong Museum 3055 Caobao Road, near Xinzhen Lu
Chinese address: 宝龙美术馆漕宝路3055号, 近新镇路