Jin Jinghong Solo Exhibition: SNOD SIM PARK

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Photograph: @apluscontemporary via Instagram
A+ Contemporary , 50 Moganshan Lu Fri 06 Sep 2019 - Sun 27 Oct 2019 (Every day except Monday)

This event has now passed.

Continuing his exploration on the theme of 'artificial landscape', artist Jin Jinghong constructs a virtual park scene in the exhibition space by deconstruction and recombining elements in our landscape. The concept of 'SNOD SIM PARK' comes from Jin’s experience of playing video games where it promotes his imagination for unconventional scenes. The artist's background in theatrical and art design also provokes him to think about the reality versus the virtual world, shaping the creation of his own artificial landscape. Jin was born in Zhengzhou, China, in 1983. He is currently based in Beijing after graduating from the Communication University of China with a BA in Theatre, Film and Television Art Design.
Date: Fri 06 Sep 2019 - Sun 27 Oct 2019 (Every day except Monday)
Event admission: Free
Event website: http://apluscontemporary.org/aplus/portfolio/snod-sim-park/?lang=en
Venue name: A+ Contemporary
Open: Tue-Sun 10.00am-6.30pm
English address: Room 106, Bldg 7, 50 Moganshan Lu, near Xi Suzhou Lu, Putuo district
Chinese address: 普陀区莫干山路50号7号楼106室
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