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3.USE-Sky Eyes, Yuichiro Tamura, 2019
Photograph: courtesy Ming Contemporary Art Museum
Ming Contemporary Art Museum , 436 Yonghe Dong Lu Sat 27 Jun - Sun 06 Sep (Every day except Monday)
Located inside a former paper machine factory, Ming Contemporary Art Museum’s new exhibition merges psychoanalysis with art. 14 participating artists imagined themselves in a situation of great loss – whether it’s imaginary limb pain in Kader Attia’s photography or to step into the unconsciousness in Marianna Simnett’s installation work. The artists use various sensory perception to tease out our desire, allowing us to be in touch with the pain and excitement of loss, accident, damage and violence, thereby recognising the profound spiritual ties between us and the world. No preregistration needed, however you need to bring your original ID or passport.
Date: Sat 27 Jun - Sun 06 Sep (Every day except Monday)
Venue name: Ming Contemporary Art Museum
Open: 10am-6pm Tue-Sun
Metro: Wenshui Lu
English address: 436 Yonghe Dong Lu, near Gonghe Xin Lu, Zhabei district
Chinese address: 闸北区永和东路436号, 近共和新路