A Misty Gaze Into Infinity

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Photograph: courtesy Leo Gallery and Powerlong Museum
Powerlong Museum , 3055 Caobao Road Sat 04 Jul - Sun 23 Aug (Every day except Monday)
Ever thought natural elements such as water and fire are narrators of their own existential relations to the universe? It’s what young Chinese artist Tang Jie’s solo at Powerlong Museum intends to show. The Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts graduate has a penchant for medium of the natural word – water, wood, sand and stone – and hopes to bring out the essence of the materials with the help of technology. The end result is a dozen of installation works exhibited here that prove the materials’ capability of telling their own stories about life, the universe and natural order, if not a truer and purer version compared to the human interpretation.
Date: Sat 04 Jul - Sun 23 Aug (Every day except Monday)
Event admission: 60RMB; 40RMB (early bird)
Venue name: Powerlong Museum
Open: 10am-6pm (Tue-sun)
English address: Powerlong Museum 3055 Caobao Road, near Xinzhen Lu
Chinese address: 宝龙美术馆漕宝路3055号, 近新镇路