2016 Xintiandi Fringe Festival

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simple space
Gravity and Other Myths' multi award winning Simple Space
Taipinghu Park , Huangpi Nan Lu Mon 06 Jun 2016 - Sun 19 Jun 2016

This event has now passed.

British, American, Spanish, French, Australian, Taiwanese and Czech arts troupes will be putting on productions in and around Xintiandi across a period of two weeks - in restaurants, public areas and in a specially erected 'theatre' beside Taiping lake - with most of the shows free for the public.

(France) Afternoon of a Foehn

Inspired by French author Stephane Mallarme's poem of the same name, performers dressed in black will direct plastic bags of various colours to create a 'ballet' performance to Claude Debussy's music.
Price 100RMB
Dates June 16-19 2pm & 5.30pm & 8.15pm
Venue Xintiandi Taipinghu water platform

(China) Immersive Theatre: Miss Julie

An immersive theatre experience of the Swedish play Miss Julie, where the protagonist is a quirky aristocrat who falls in love with her manservant.
Price 100RMB
Dates June 13-17 8.30pm; June 18-19 4.30 & 8.30pm
Venue Xintiandi Open House museum

(China) Immersive Theatre: The Continuation of Thunderstorm

A new interpretation of Thunderstorm by renowned Chinese playwright Cao Yu. This rendition will provide an immersive experience to theatre-goers.
Price 100RMB
Dates June 6 8.30pm; June 7-8 9pm; June 9-11 4.30pm & 8.30pm
Venue Xintiandi Open House museum

(Australia) New Circus: A Simple Space

Performing for the first time in China, there will be acrobatic elements and rhythmic gymnastics to look forward to at this circus performance.
Price Free
Dates June 6 7.15pm; June 7 8.15pm; June 9-10 7.15pm; June 11 1.30pm & 7.15pm; June 12 1.30pm
Venue Xintiandi Taipinghu water platform

(United Kingdom) Environmental Theatre: Watch Me Fall

Another immersive theatre experience that aims to allow the audience to enter into the inner world of the characters.
Price 100RMB
Dates June 6 8.45pm; June 7-8 9.15pm; June 9 3.30pm & 8.45pm
Venue Xintiandi Taipinghu water platform

(Czech Republic) Mime: Antiwords

A mime performance that will feature large, exaggerated masks along with an absurdly humourous story.
Price Free, but RSVP in advance
Dates June 6-10 8.15pm; June 11 4pm & 8.15pm
Venue Element Fresh at Xintiandi

(United Kingdom) Short Opera: Garden

An opera performance of Garden that first premiered in Aberdeenshire, Scotland in 2012.
Price Free, but RSVP in advance
Dates June 14-17 8.45pm; June 18-19 3pm & 8.45pm
Venue Blank at Xintiandi

(China) Cafe play: Listen The Bride

Audience members will seat around the cafe and experience a dramatic scene happening right at the surrounding tables. Listen The Bride is written by a Chinese playwright about workplace competition among different individuals.
Price Free, but RSVP in advance
Dates June 6-8 5.30pm; June 9 2pm; June 10-11 2pm & 6pm; June 13-17 5.30pm; June 18 2pm & 6pm; June 19 2pm
Venue Momicafe Books and Flower Knows at Xintiandi

(United Kingdom and China) Script-reading: OK! OK!

Audience members can participate in this by reading the comedy script. It was written with the intention of being performed at any place including the comforts of one's home.
Price Free, but RSVP in advance
Dates June 7-12 & June 14-19 11.30am & 1pm & 2.30pm & 6pm
Venue Xintiandi Open House museum

(Taiwan) S. White

A drum performance from the Taiwanese 'goddess of drums' S. White who started playing drums when she was 15.
Price Free
Dates June 6-8 6.30pm; June 9-11 2.30pm & 6:30pm
Venue Xintiandi North Block Square

(Australia) Tom Ward Guitar Solo

Watch a guitar performance by one of Australia's top classical guitarist, Tom Ward.
Price Free
Dates June 13-19 12pm & 2pm & 4pm
Venue Xintiandi

(United Kingdom and America) Live Visual and Aural Art: The AniMotion Show

Audience members will be able to witness the entire creative process of an artist, to see the brush strokes realise into an actual art piece that is projected on a screen.
Price Free
Dates June 13-19 7.30pm
Venue Xintiandi North Block Square

(China) Dance Theatre: The Tea Spell

A dance performance that uses tea as the linkage in a magical story. The drama aims to let the audience feel as though they have returned to the Tang dynasty.
Price 100RMB
Dates June 11-13 8.30pm
Venue Xintiandi Taipinghu water platform

(China) Creative Peking opera: Strum March

An integration of Peking opera along with the forms of concerts and plays, where all the instruments and vocals used are authentic and traditional Chinese art.
Price 100RMB
Dates June 7-8 7pm
Venue Xintiandi Taipinghu water platform

(Spain and Australia) Flamenco: Tablao

Australian and Spanish artists will present Tablao, an original Flamenco dance. This work won the Week's Dance Award at the 2016 Adelaide Fringe Festival.
Price Free
Dates June 13-19 6.30pm
Venue Xintiandi South Block Square

(China) Live Visual Art: A New Vision of Arts Xintiandi

Young Chinese artist Wen Na will present a live-drawing art show to record the moments at Xintiandi.
Price Free
Dates June 11-17 10am-6pm
Venue Xintiandi North Block Square

(United Kingdom) Mobile Theatre: Tour of all Tours

British artist Bill Aitchison will become a tour guide and lead audience on a tour of the city through an artistic manner, exploring a whole new world.
Price Free, but RSVP required
Dates June 6-8 3pm; June 9-11 midday & 4pm; June 12 midday; June 13-15 3pm
Venue Xintiandi

Date: Mon 06 Jun 2016 - Sun 19 Jun 2016
Time: Tba-Tba
Event admission: Free; 100RMB
Venue name: Taipinghu Park
Metro: Xintiandi
English address: Huangpi Nan Lu, Hubin Lu, Huangpu district
Chinese address: 黄浦区黄陂南路新天地太平湖公园,近湖滨路