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Fight plastic pollution with this toy drive from Green Initiatives

Declutter the house responsibly

Photograph: courtesy Green Initiatives
If there's one thing that Toy Story 3 taught us, it's that kids outgrow their toys no matter how obsessed they might be right now. Toys pile up, and every once in a while, it’s necessary to declutter the house. From now through the end of October, Shanghai-based NGO Green Initiatives is holding toy-recycling drive Rethink Plastic to help families dispose of plastic toys responsibly.


You know plastic waste is a major problem today, but maybe you didn’t know that it’s not just waimai containers and straws wreaking havoc on the environment – children’s toys are also a big contributor. According to a 2014 report by the United Nations Environment Programme, 90 percent of toys for babies and toddlers are made of plastic, and 40 percent of these toys have a lifetime of only six months. Without any recycling systems in place, these plastics often end up in landfills or bodies of water.

During the Rethink Plastic drive (which has drop-off points inside Jingan Kerry Centre) you’ll be able to drop off plastic, fabric and metal toys, including video games. Toys made from cardboard or wood, or those which are dirty or soiled, however won’t be accepted.

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Photograph: courtesy Dustan Woodhouse via Unsplash

The toys collected will be sorted by material, and those usable condition will be donated. Unusable fabric toys will go towards Green Initiative's RE:FORM project aimed at reducing textile waste, and all others will be collected by plastics- and electronics-recycling company TES.

From now through Monday 24, the toy drive drop-off point is located at the Kerry Centre North Block, B1 Concierge (near the Ted Baker store), and between September 25-October 31, will be located at Kerry Centre South Block, B1 (near the mu store).

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