Fun Dazzle

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489 Henan Nan Lu

Formerly in Zhongshan Park, now relocated to the Hong Kong Metropolis mall down the road from tourist hotspot Yu Gardens, Fun Dazzle is an old favourite that’s a little rough around the edges, but not an option to forget. The generic mall setting is a little uninspiring, but the additional children’s services in the building, such as Baby Mozart music school and Gybmoree baby spa facilities, provide extra points of interest for parents.


Fun Dazzle itself can be found on third floor – prick up your ears and follow the tunes of Maroon 5 and Taylor Swift and you’ll soon find yourself there. A vague nautical theme runs through the décor with whales, dolphins, turtles and submarines incorporated into the design. It looks a little dated, but in a comfortable and reassuring way, like an old sweater that might no longer be on-trend but still fits well. Adults might wish there was more natural light and lockers for shoes, but the kids running around on the inside don’t seem bothered.


For weary parents, there are tables and chairs to watch from along the sides. On our visits Chinese parents sit nattering away into their mobile phones or watching TV dramas on their iPads. 

The activities on offer include all the kids’ favourites: there’s a miniature trampoline, ball pool, slides, climbing slopes, swings and squishy flooring all over so no one need get hurt if they trip over. Although it’s rather quiet outside of Fun Dazzle’s immediate area that doesn’t stop children screaming their heads off; the play area seems to attract less inhibited kids, which is great for making friends.

Venue name: Fun Dazzle
Admission: 50RMB
Mobile: 5272 6062
Metro: Yu Gardens
English address: Third Floor, 489 Henan Nan Lu near Zhoujin Lu, Huangpu district
Chinese address: 黄埔区河南南路489号香港名都3楼,近昼锦路