Quiz: Test your home's feng shui

Take our expert online test to see if your home has good energy

Does your home have good feng shui? Find out with our foolproof test, based on tips by expert Dr Zheng Weijian (pictured above).

How to get your score
1Give yourself one point for each statement below that applies to your home.
2Read Dr Zheng's descriptions for more information.
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The hallway and porch

Dr Zheng says ‘Reflections in mirrors change the whole atmosphere of the home and should be avoided in entrance areas, as should dark colours. Having the hallway lighter at the floor, either because of lighting or decoration, inverts the natural positions of heaven and earth, and drives away positive qi. It’s bad luck for people to enter your home and see a clock, which represents the ultimate end, ie death, because the character for clock (钟) is pronounced ‘zhong’, the same as the character for death (终). Having shoes everywhere should be avoided, while using big vases as hallway decorations can lead to romantic relationships.’

The dining room

Dr Zheng says ‘Mirrors in the dining room reflect food on the table, which symbolises and encourages the doubling of wealth. Different fruits can have specific effects. For example, an orange brings wealth and peaches bring health. A round or square table can positively influence the relationships of the people in the household. It should be made of solid materials and not have any sharp angles.’

The kitchen                        

Dr Zheng says ‘A mirror in the kitchen can encourage accidents or fires. Having the bathroom away from the kitchen is good feng shui, while having a kitchen floor that’s higher than the living room floor can cause ill health to females in the home and also make you lose money. This is because in feng shui the kitchen                            belongs to the shangshui (upper water) category. Finally, a window behind a stove may also make you lose money.’

The bathroom

Dr Zheng says ‘Having a bathroom in the centre of a home can cause health problems, while having it opposite those three shang shui rooms can cause loss of money.’

The bedroom

Dr Zheng says ‘A mirror opposite the bed can negatively influence a couple’s relationship and cause nightmares. Bed sheets with triangles or arrows can also disturb a couple’s relationship. A dark light in the bedroom will make their relationship fade, while too strong a light will make them more likely to quarrel. However, adding a valance around the bottom of the bed will lead to harmonious sex life for the couple.'

The living room

Dr Zheng says ‘The living room should be close to the front door. If a corridor connects the two, make sure it is tidy and clean. A square or rectangle-shaped room is best. If the living room is L-shaped, separate it using furniture to make two rooms. Don’t put sharp decorations on the wall such as swords, lights, medals or stuffed animals, as they may lead to quarrels.’

The balcony

Dr Zheng says ‘The living room and balcony stand for fortune in career and business; you should encourage positive qi, especially if it leads on to the living room. Cluttering the balcony affects the flow of qi.’

The garden

Dr Zheng says ‘Water is a really important element in garden feng shui. It stands for wealth, so a water feature can lead to money. Bushes and smaller trees will keep bad luck away. Good choices are bamboo, palms, plum trees and locust trees.' 

Interview by Gissing Liu.
Dr Zheng can be contacted at okokabcd@126.com