Forever Bike Rental

How to rent the iconic orange public hire bicycles around Shanghai

If you're a visitor to Shanghai, or simply don't have your own bike, you can still get out and explore the city on two wheels with the Forever Bike Rental Scheme, which sees banks of the iconic orange bicycles available for public hire around the city. To help you get renting, Time Out presents a guide to the rental process, how to get a membership card, and where to find the cycle banks.

Get a membership card

Forever’s bike share programme started in Minhang district, where residents can ride for free. You will have to register first on or at a tourist information spot in the district. 

In Xuhui, you’ll need a paid rental card. To apply, visit one of the two information booths in Xuhui:

Xujiahui Tourist Information Centre 1068 Zhaojiabang Lu, outside Xujiahui metro station exit 14 (open 9.30am-4.30pm daily)

Wukang Lu Tourist Information Centre 393 Wukang Lu, near Hunan Lu (open 9.30am-5pm daily).

You will need to take a Shanghai resident ID card, a one year resident permit or official ID plus a 200RMB deposit fee and additional credit amount.

Once you have the card, simply swipe to release the bike, at certain stations you may also need to input a four digit pin number, which you set when you get the card,then swipe again upon return. A one-hour ride costs 2RMB, plus 4RMB for each additional hour.

Where to pick up a bike

The majority of bikes are in Minhang district, but there are over 15 cycle stations in Xuhui district and also some in Pudong, near the Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park area.

For a full map of bike stations see the bike stations map here.

For more information see (Chinese only) or call 400 820 1898.

Shanghai cycle routes

Make the most of your bike rental with our six picturesque routes around the city