Weekly fluff: you need this cuddlebug in your life

This week, meet Linda, our furry friend in need of a forever home

Hey readers, I'm Linda! Now, don't be fooled... my name makes me sound like I could be your dad's secretary, but I'm a dog, I promise. A soft, cuddly, smiley one at that, and I only take up a little space on the bed...


I don't want to bum you out, but my story is a little sad – of course, you might be the one to help me find a happy ending! So here it is, last year my rescuers found me hiding all alone behind a wall in the pouring rain. I was so frail and thin that I couldn't move or walk. In fact, I was too weak to even stand up on my paws. Some nice folks carried me to a nearby pet shop so I could be warm and dry for the night, and the next day they took me to the vet to see if they could help.


My rescuers feared the worst... would I survive? I was starving, and very sickly from being on the streets for so long, but luckily they learned that I didn't have any major illnesses. They started feeding me special food and vitamins right away so that I could recover and get back a healthy weight.

It worked!

Linda 6

Now I'm healthy and living in a lovely foster home, where my foster mum has been training me and showing me what it's like to be loved. And I give so much love back.


My foster family says I'm a really smart girl, which makes me feel pretty happy and gives me a lot of confidence. Here's our family portrait:


All I need now is a forever home to call my own. I'm super playful and friendly, and I love kids and other pets, so I hope I get to be a part of a big family. Here's me with my best human bud:


No matter who you are, if you give me cuddles and take care of me, I will love you SO MUCH for my whole life. Despite my tough beginnings, I'm so ready to live it up. I know that 2017 is going to be the year when I find a home, and I can't wait! Until then I'll keep snuggling with my foster family. And making friends with these fish.


If you want to adopt me, you can contact my friend Alejandra Vasquez Delama, who's a volunteer at Paw Pals Animal Rescue (PPAR) via the information below. PPAR is a wonderful non-profit animal rescue group who focus on finding loving homes for homeless fluffs like me. You can also find out about my many other friends who need homes and foster parents!

WeChat ID: VasquezDelama
Email: alevasquez72@yahoo.com