Spotlight: Space Out!

Santo Chino offers up a regular afternoon ambient album-listening session

Here at Time Out we usually deal with smoggy hangovers by hurling dumplings down our throats and seeking out Bloody Marys. But a new afternoon album listening session at Wulumuqi Nan Lu bar and cafe Regional looks set to provide a more effective comedown. 

Named Space Out!, the monthly event sees an ambient album being played in full at the venue, with sessions at midday, 3pm and 6pm. Attendees are invited to kick off their shoes, bring a pillow and have a nice lie down (though duvets and cushions are also provided).

Spaces need to be booked by emailing, with around 25 available for each sitting. ‘The goal is to get people to calm down and really become active listeners,’ organiser Santo Chino explains. 'It’s an hour where people can shut off the internet, the smartphone, the social networking and just lie down, close their eyes and let their mind space out. Being completely immersed in music, and hopefully in the type of music that I’ll play, can do that.’ 

Those wishing to indulge in hair of the dog needn’t worry, as although it’s free those going are obliged to buy a drink – with beers and wines by the glass from 60RMB. Another plus is the fact that Regional boasts one of the best soundsystems in the city having invested over 500,000RMB in the equipment. ‘On a nice system, sound doesn’t sound “loud”, it sounds enveloping,’ says Santo Chino. ‘It’s not attacking your ears. That’s really important for ambient music.’