Trus'me: Berlin is 'Hollywood for DJs'

British producer chats Berlin, Mars and the universe ahead of his SH return

‘It’s Hollywood for DJs.’ That’s how David James Wolstencroft, otherwise known as Trus’me, refers to Berlin, where he has been based for the past two years. ‘I was always a little bit against moving there because it seems a little bit cliché, but I formed that opinion without really spending time there, and once I was there I was like: Oh, I get it. There’s a million clubs and there is a very different ideology. You get booked based on your DJ skills. It really doesn’t matter whether you’re a name putting music out or you’re just a good DJ.’

The Manchester-born musician may not be a household name, but his track ‘I Want You’ will be familiar to anyone who spends a decent chunk of their weekend on a dance floor. He dabbled with the saxophone, clarinet and piano as a youth, but it wasn’t until he was getting a Master’s in business and science that he became interested in synthesisers and production. ‘A friend of mine was going to do a course at a school for sound recording in Manchester and I was like “Oh yeah, I’ll go along with that,” not realising it was going to completely change my life.’

Since then he has released four full-lengths along with multiple EPs on his Prime Numbers label. The focus at Prime Numbers is primarily on vinyl, and naturally Wolstencroft has a well-voiced opinion on the difference between digital and vinyl releases. ‘It’s like asking someone, “Why do you like smoking real cigarettes? Why don’t you smoke electronic cigarettes?” It’s not tactile. It’s electronic.’

While in Berlin he recorded his latest album Planet 4 (listen above with VPN on), which deviates from his previous records, he says, due to the influence of the collective consciousness’ preoccupation with Mars – the planet, not the chocolate bar.

Affected by the ideas of Carl Sagan and Elon Musk, he created tracks that are ‘influenced by this whole thing about wanting to go to Mars and the whole discovery of dark matter. All the dark stuff in space is actually controlling the universe and we just thought it was nothing.’ It’s intergalactic techno that ought to fit right in at Elevator.

Yinmai O'Connor

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