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The best things to do in Shanghai this week

Russell Howard, Les Ballets Eloelle, Dragon Boat Festival and much more

From a globe-conquering comedy star to some of the world's finest men in tights and even a spot of dragon boating, this week's got a bit of everything. Read on for the best things to do in Shanghai this week.



Critics' pick

Danish pop singer Christopher - or Christopher Nissen if you're Googling him and want any hope of returning relevant results - makes his Shanghai debut with a show at Bandai Namco Shanghai Base's Dream Hall. Christopher apparently got his record deal with EMI by showing up at their Copenhagen offices and demanding one, which seems easier than it ought to be, but they presumably saw something in him beyond mere gumption. He's since won a host of awards back home for his Bieber-esque sound, including New Thinker of the Year from Spotify.

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Things to Do

Dragon Boat Festival Fair at Yuyuan Gardens

Immerse yourself in traditional Chinese culture at Yu Gardens and participate in Dragon Boat customs such as eating zongzi (a rice dumpling wrapped in a palm leaf), making your own fragrance sachets, and trying your hand at palm leaf handicrafts. Come early, because we all know that Yu Gardens can get really crowded really quickly.

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Yu Gardens , 137 Anren Jie 17-31 May

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