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And another! Shanghai's latest bike-sharing service offers 0.1RMB rental

Move over Mobike, eff off Ofo?

First there was Mobike, then there was Ofo. Now there's a blue fleet of bikes who have come to nab their piece of Shanghai's apparent 18.9 billion RMB bike-sharing pie - Xiaomingdanche (小鸣单车).

Whilst they're a little late to the party, they can boast being the cheapest of all three bike-sharing schemes. Half an hour of riding costs just one jiao (0.1RMB) – that's one tenth the price of a Mobike. A similar drill to the other two services applies: register for an account, upload your ID, and pay a deposit, in this instance 200RMB. It's all done through the Xiaomingdanche app, and then you're set for the convenience of park-wherever-you-want bikes around town.

And for those who have phones too crappy to recognise the Mobike QR codes, Xiaomingdanche bikes also have a Bluetooth unlocking feature, as well as the (old-school?) QR codes.

The Xiaomingdanche app is available now on the App Store and Google Play.

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