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A new series of storytelling events is coming to Shanghai

Got a story to tell? Unravel is giving you the chance to share or listen

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Shanghai... it's full on, isn't it? There are only so many times you can shuffle penguin-like through People's Square station without questioning your individual significance in all this. Luckily an event is coming to town designed to inject a hit of humanity back into city life.

Clara Davis, master and commander of Yuyuan Lu hangout District, is launching a series of 'authentic storytelling' events called Unravel. The events, which she says were inspired by NYC platform/podcast The Moth, invite ordinary people to share (and listen to) real-life stories, with each session featuring eight storytellers sharing unscripted stories related to a given theme. They call it 'a space to explore the human experience, and our ability to recount the past.'

'In my own humble experience of living here, I am surrounded by so many different kinds of people, coming from so many different backgrounds, experiencing Shanghai in so many different ways,' Davis told us. 'And I frankly just want people to talk more substantially about all of that (beyond the surface "Where do you come from/how long have you been here/what do you do here?"). Besides, the world could always use more excuses to consider our shared humanity :).'

The first event kicks off at Davis' own District on Thursdsay 23 February under the theme of 'Impression', and interested storytellers should get in touch in advance to 'pitch' your story (this ain't no open mic, folks). Drop them an email at unravelshanghai@gmail.com.

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