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This is the medical clinic from hell

You will not find the answer to your ailments here

Newly arrived in Shanghai and looking for good quality healthcare? Then join Community Hospital - if you dare. Upon entry to the clinic you will be faced with naked bodies pierced with nails, severed hands and mysterious electronic brains. What nefarious and quasi-legal methods is this clinic using? Could this be the result of strange, forbidden experiments the odious utility of which remains a confounding conundrum to everyone but the unhinged masterminds behind them?

Christophe Demaitre

The answer to that question is 'No', which will come as a surprise to exactly nobody. This is in fact a triumvirate of arty-newness: a brand new exhibition, in a new space, by a new organisation promoting artists within China. Community Hospital is the brainchild of artist Zane Mellupe and is the first exhibition by WhyWhyArt, an organisation whose stated aim is to increase the profile and exposure of exciting new art within China. Their home is in a former medical clinic that is situated in an historic building on Yuyuan Lu. The location has been the inspiration for Community Hospital; the exhibition features work from 20 international artists, much of which explores concepts relating to the body and mind and our approaches and attitudes to them.

Abby Robinson

At times the exhibition is satisfyingly challenging. Abby Robinson's photographs are the result of a project in which she adopted the role of a doctor in order to create a less invasive environment in which to listen to, and photograph, people with whose bodies don't necessarily fit in with what society dictates is normal. Other works such as Christophe Demaitre's severed hands and *LLND's interactive brain installation, punctuate the atmosphere with a wryness that adds to the balance of the exhibition. There is so much more to see of this exhibition than mentioned here; we thoroughly recommend you make an appointment and go and check-in with the doctor ASAP.


Community Hospital is at Yuyuan Lu Art until October 10. See full event details.