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5 reasons to celebrate being single in Shanghai this Singles' Day

Look out for number one this 11.11

As if Valentine's Day and Qixijie weren't already enough to remind you that you're single, Singles' Day came along and literally screamed it in your face, while simultaneously encouraging you to buy a heavily discounted air purifier and a coffee maker you don't really need.

However, there's absolutely no shame in being single. You've got freedom, options and nobody to tell you that you're wasting your weekend by staying in and playing Super Mario in your underwear. In fact, we think singledom should be celebrated. Here are five reasons why it's awesome to be single in Shanghai this Singles' Day. So what if you've got no one to split the waimai delivery fee with...

You can do whatever you want


Want to stay in bed all day today? That's fine. Want to go for a couple of quiet drinks at Found 158 that somehow end with you stumbling out of Taxx at 5am? You've got nobody to answer to. Want to spend your Saturday way out in Pudong playing football, cricket or rugby at Shanghai Community Sports Club? Go for it. When you're not in a relationship, you are free to do whatever you please. Take a class, join a group or a club, do whatever the hell you please. Well, within reason, of course...

You can play the field


There are a hell of a lot of people in Shanghai, so you're bound to meet someone interesting – even if it hasn't happened yet. And with no commitments, you're free to mingle how you please. Catch a stranger's eye over a classy cocktail at Speak Low, or quite literally bump into your future squeeze in a moshpit at a gig. Despite them being ever so slightly demoralising, you can also try the apps. Whether it's Tinder, Tantan, or Grindr, there's a sea of singles out there looking for love at first swipe, so to speak. And, if all else fails, you could always advertise your wares at the People's Park marriage market.

You don't have to compromise at dinner time


'I don't want Chinese food tonight.'
'Pizza? AGAIN?'
'I might go vegetarian this month.'
'I've heard a lot of good things about veganism.'

Thank god, you're single so you don't have to put up with any of this nonsense on a nightly basis. There are so many fantastic food options in Shanghai and, when you're single, you don't have to adhere to a significant other's dietary requirements and preferences. Go fancy at a Michelin-starred restaurant or try every kiosk at the Réel Mall food court. Hell, you can order from Brothers Kebab every night if you want. Welcome to shwarma city, population: you.

You can hang out with your friends whenever you want


No having to ask whether you can go out for brunch with the girls or to the pub with the lads (or vice-versa). And no threat of the dreaded question: 'Can I come too?' After all, before it became an online shopping behemoth, Singles' Day was about friends hanging out together. Catch a movie, a comedy show or hit up an art gallery. There's so much to do in Shanghai and there are no better people to do it all with than with your friends.

You can take spontaneous trips


You don't have to plan it around their work schedule and there'll be no arguments over whether a city break in Beijing is better than a hiking trip in Moganshan. Escape Shanghai with a trip to Xinjiang or Zhangjiajie, or travel overseas to somewhere like Taiwan or Tokyo. The world's your oyster.

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