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Spring Festival in numbers: digital hongbao spendings, box office sales and travel stats

How much you spent, how many of you travelled and who raked in the most red envelopes

Photograph: Denny Ryanto via Unsplash
You may have noticed there are more people on the subway and the fried noodle place down the street finally opened again. For most of us, the holiday is over for another year. But that also means that some pretty insane stats about travel, online shopping and, of course, hongbao are rolling in. Read on for our Spring Festival breakdown by numbers.


Shanghai's ranking in a report that predicted which cities would empty out the most during chunjie, according to Tencent Maps (it got the figures by subtracting the predicted number of people travelling to the city from the predicted number of people travelling out of it). Shanghai came in just behind Shenzhen, Dongguan and Beijing. Other places to top the list include Suzhou, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Chengdu and Foshan. Despite an increase in recent years of parents travelling to big cities to be united with their kids, looks like the trend hasn't taken off just yet.

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Photograph: Benjamin Patin via Unsplash


Out of the total WeChat users who travelled abroad during the holiday, around one-third were millennials according to a WeChat data report, released by Tencent.


The percentage increase on orders of nianyefan, traditional Spring Festival Eve banquets, from Meituan Waimai, compared to the same period last year – Sichuan, Cantonese and Hunanese were apparently the favourite choices, as reported by Xinhuanet and The Beijing News.

Photograph: @adai_talk via instagram

421 million

The total number of people who travelled within China during the week-long holiday period. Sixty million travelled by train, 338 million by car, 12.6 million by air and 10 million by boat, according to Xinhuanet.

823 million

The number of digital hongbao that were sent and received through WeChat, as reported by TechNode. According to a Wechat data report it seems that the post '90s generation and people living in Beijing topped the list with the most hongbao sent or received overall.

Image: courtesy China Film Group Corporation

5.8 billion

Box office sales (in RMB) during chunjie, which were spent by a total of 130 million people, who hit up cinemas after fulfilling their duties to visit relatives, as reported by Xinhuanet. The movies that topped the box office during the holiday include The Wandering Earth, Crazy Alien and Pegasus.

1 trillion

Sales (in RMB) spent in the retail and food sectors online. JD saw a 43 percent sales increase from Spring Festival last year between Feb 4-10, with smartphones, computers and home appliances the biggest drivers in total sales, as reported by Sina.

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