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Masala, dosa and kebabs: the best of Indian Shanghai

Hundreds of nationalities call Shanghai home. We’re saluting them one by one

Photograph: courtesy Buko
Ties between India and China go back thousands of years, from the use of the Silk Road as a major trade route to the spread of Buddhism from India to East Asia. Given the two countries' intertwined histories, it's no wonder there's plenty of Indian culture to be found in China, and especially in a major city like Shanghai.

Yohan Kuei has family ties to both places. Though ethnically Chinese, Yohan is Indian born and bred – his family moved to Mumbai from Hubei province in the '40s. Wanting to return to his Chinese roots, Yohan came to Shanghai about two years ago, eventually landing a job as manager of contemporary Asian-Western eatery Bird and café-by-day-cocktail-bar-by-night Bitter.

Here are Yohan's tips – and yours too – on where to get a taste of India in the city.

For a slice of home

Yohan's tips

Yohan's tips

Bhoomi Store is the go-to place for all your Indian culinary needs, with pretty much any ingredient or snack you can think of for an authentic Indian meal – think masala, basmati rice, soan papdi, rasgulla and more, all for decent prices. The store also does free home delivery service.

For good eats, Kebabs on the Grille has good chicken kadhai and rogan josh (and kebabs, naturally). Head to Masala Art for the Akbar thali, a platter of various gravies with naan, rice and dessert for 189RMB. 

If you're on a budget, Rangoli is good, as it has decently priced lunch and dinner buffet options with free flow beer.

Your tips

Your tips

'Lotus in Tianzifang has good dosa.' – Arya M via WeChat

'Check out Indian Kitchen or Grill Republik.' – J Shekar via WeChat

'Currify on Wuding Lu. Best dish: chicken tikka masala.' – Eric D

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