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Here's the official Chinese public holiday for 2020

Grab your calendar and get to planning your next vacation now

Photograph: Sandy Millar via Unsplash
The year's ending and as our last few festivities draw near, there's a whole new year to look forward to. For those who can't wait to start planning their leave for the upcoming year, you don't have to wait anymore, as the official 2020 holiday calendar has been published.

Starting from the beginning, we have the New Year's Day holiday, which will be on Wednesday 1 January, followed closely by Spring Festival, which lasts for seven days from Friday 24 January to Thursday 30 January. However, Sunday 19 January and Saturday 1 February will be make-up working days.

Then, we have Qingming Festival from Saturday 4 April to Monday 6 April, and a five-day-long Labour Day break from Friday 1 May to Tuesday 5 May. In June, there will be a three-day Dragon Boat Festival break from Thursday 25 to Saturday 27.

After three months of normal working days, China will be celebrating National Day for a whopping eight days from Thursday 1 October to Thursday 8 October. This is made possible with the inclusion of Mid-Autumn Festival, though there will be make up days on Sunday 27 September and Saturday 10 October.

Aside from those, PublicHolidays highlights a few other holidays, such as Women's Day on Sunday 8 March, where women only need to work for half a day; a Youth Day holiday on Monday 4 May, where those between 14 to 28 years old get half a day off; Children's Day on Monday 1 June, where kids under 14 get half a day off and Army Day on Saturday 1 August for soldiers to enjoy half a day off.

So, grab your calendar and start planning your vacation before tickets start to sell out.

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