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Shanghai airports will handle 14 million passengers during the Spring Festival rush

Forget about winter – chunyun is here

Photograph: Josue Isai Ramos Figueroa via Unsplash
Shanghai’s airports are getting pretty busy, to say the least. SHINE reports that a staggering 14 million passengers will grace Hongqiao and Pudong airports during the chunyun period, which lasts from now until around Tuesday 18 February. The estimated 5 million heading to Hongqiao are mostly travelling to Beijing, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, while some international destinations via Pudong include Southeast Asia and Oceania.

To prepare for the rush, Hongqiao’s upping its facial recognition game for boarding procedures – Xiamen and Hebei airlines won’t require passengers to present boarding passes or ID before boarding (a passport will still be required for security checkpoints, though). Meanwhile, Pudong’s also getting tech savvy, covering all boarding bridges and aircraft aprons with 5G communication signals.

To cope with the influx of passengers, both airports have brought on volunteers, and Pudong has not only added nine security channels to one of its terminals, but has also opened up faster ‘green channels’ for passengers with small luggage.

Whether flying domestic or international, make sure to allow extra time to board your flight – things could take a long time.

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