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Storm news: Kesha replaces Avicii

Chart-topping female rapper replaces Avicii at Storm

It appears the folks at Budweiser Storm Music Festival have been hard at work. With news coming in about Avicii cancelling, many were left wondering who might be able to fill his figurative boots at the top of the festival bill. 

Well the good news just in from the organisers is that female rapper Kesha has been drafted in to replace Avicii. Yes that's right: she's now called Kesha, not Ke$ha. But why the change? Perhaps she's fallen into desperate poverty and can't bear to face the incessant taunting from that dollar sign right up in the middle of her name, or maybe simple grammatical common sense has prevailed - either way she's now just Kesha. 

Avicii fans will tell you it's hardly a like-for-like swap. But these troubled Avicii fans can take some comfort in the fact that Kesha's hair is blonde much like Avicii's, so if they stand far enough back and squint hard enough at the stage, they might just be able to convince themselves that the cherubic Swedish boy-child is the one performing on stage and not Kesha.

For the rest of us it might come as a welcome change from the enthusiastic fist shaking and faux knob-twiddling that typifies an EDM mega-star's DJ sets these days. At least with Kesha you're going to see her running, jumping and dancing around the stage. Hell, it might even feel like a genuine performance. 

Budweiser Storm Music Festival 2014 is at Xuhui Riverside Public Open Space Sunday 5 Oct - Monday 6 OctSee full event details.