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Time Out exclusive DJ mix: Velvet Robot

Get funked in the mother-funking face with this sexy mix of disco beats

The Time Out Mix Series showcases the best in locally-based talent by presenting a 30 min mix from a different locally-based DJ each month.

Velvet Robot loves those funky, retro-futuristic, irresistible disco beats that keep your foot tapping and your hips gyrating, and would probably do the same for your parents, too. Moving to Shanghai from Taiwan four years ago, she soon found her niche in the Shanghai scene, a niche that sees her playing, Italo disco, disco, funk and even some new wave when the feeling takes her. She's a good-time party-rocker who's frequently rocking the crowd at cocktail bar Craft. In fact, this very mix was recorded live there, and we'll be damned if it's not the funkiest 42 mins of music we've heard this year. Party like it's 1989!

TOSH Mix 3: Velvet Robot by Timeoutshanghai on Mixcloud