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The Shelter is closing

Underground club to shutter this NYE due to license issues

Justin Ventura
This just in: iconic underground club The Shelter is closing at the end of this year due to license issues. Not exactly news to brighten up your seven-day holiday...

Co-founder Gareth 'Gaz' Williams posted a statement today on Facebook saying, 'We are closing down for a simple and boring reason: We couldn't get our licence renewed.' They'll be hosting their final party on New Year's Eve this December 31.

The Shelter was founded in 2007 by Williams and fellow DJ Gary Wang, and quickly became seen as the home of underground clubbing in Shanghai.

Shanghai has seen a spree of shutterings over the past few months due to license problems, from Yongkang Lu to A Da Congyoubing, but this is arguably the biggest scalp of the lot.

Here's the statement from Williams in full:

The Shelter is closing.

We were and are privileged to be a part of this city as long as we were. We were here. We were proud to be a part of a few important moments here and there. We did some things.

We are closing down for a simple and boring reason: We couldn't get our licence renewed. Just to be up front. That's what it is.

Some details: Our last night is New Year's Eve, 31st December 2016. We have respect and gratitude for all the promoters that were and are here with us. We have respect for the artists who came through. We thank everyone who supported. Really.

We have 88 days. Fuck it. Thank you. Love you.

Stay tuned for more details on The Shelter and their final few months.

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