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The best parties in Shanghai this week

We've found the best nightlife events going down so you don't have to

It's one year up for the Genome kids this weekend
Everyone knows that the big Party of the week is up in Beijing, and while Shanghai may have escaped the mass shuttering of venues that's hit the capital in the last few days, word is there may be a few restrictions on club nights here. For example, for the next 10 days shows at ALL will be kicking off at 8pm rather than their standard start time of 10pm and everything will be wrapped up by 2am. Set times will naturally change to reflect this shift; expect headliners to be going on earlier than usual.

So while there's a whole bunch of stuff going on around town, this might not be the weekend to rock up to your favourite venue fashionably late. And as we mentioned a couple of weeks ago, if you're a foreigner it's probably a good idea to have images of your passport photo page and visa on your phone and for everyone to be enjoying nothing but good clean fun just in case there are any spot checks from our friendly local authorities.

Anyway, here are our picks for where to party like it's the 19th..., err, like it's a normal weekend in mid-October.

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