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China will rerelease a total of 20 films to get movie fans back to theatres

The exact opening date for cinemas is still unknown

Photograph: Jake Hills via Unsplash
An announcement has been circulating on Weibo revealing a plan by China Film Co Ltd to rerelease a total of 20 films when movie theatres resume normal operation. According to The Paper, the first batch of five movies to be rereleased includes last year’s popular sci-fi The Wandering Earth and the highest-grossing Chinese film of all time, Wolf Warrior 2.

The announcement also reveals that the distributors and production companies of those films have agreed to take none of the ticket sale shares instead of the usual 43 percent, which means theatres across the country will get to keep all their box-office revenue. Discounted pricing is advised by China Film Co Ltd too.

In addition to the aforementioned five films, others that allegedly made the list include A Dog's Purpose, Green Book, the Avengers series, Coco and a range of Chinese-language films that did well in the box-office during recent years. Although not a part of the rereleasing plan, Jojo Rabbit and a 4K restoration 3D version of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone will also make it to theatres across the country soon.

China’s movie theatres have remained closed for the past two months since the country went on lockdown due to the COVID-19 outbreak. There are no official statistics concerning the loss of China’s film earning during the period, particularly over Spring Festival, but in 2019 the total gross earnings for new films over the seven-day holiday was 5.9 billion RMB (875 million USD).

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