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4 pokes to try at Little Catch

You say poke, I say eyyyy!

The Dynamite Ahi Poke

Local Wulumuqi Lu fishmonger Little Catch has been whipping up delicious poke (pronounced pok-eyyy) bowls - various types of raw/cooked fish served on a bed of rice with seaweed and accompanying ingredients - for a while now. As we're heading into warmer weather, these bowls strike the perfect lunch or light dinner balance: light but satisfying. Here's a look at their four best sellers:

The Dynamite Ahi (55RMB, pictured above) is one of our all-time faves at Little Catch, and despite the new poke offerings, this ol’ classic shouldn’t be ignored. Cubes of buttery and succulent tuna are given a flavour boost from the spicy mayo, and are enhanced by sesame seeds and cashew nuts for added crunch. It’s full of flavour, good fats and oozes tasty vibes.


Taking things up a notch in the spice department, the Sambal Salmon (55RMB) brings together big flavours - chilli, garlic and honey - seamlessly. Toasted cashews again bring textural diversity and the toasted garlic further fuels the flavour of the sweet and spicy salmon.


From the new menu, the Wasabi Shrimp (65RMB) offers up sweet Arctic shrimp tossed in a creamy wasabi mayo. The soothing and cool flavour of the crustacean is contrasted by the nose-tingle of the wasabi. With shrimp slipping between the folds of seaweed and rice, this poke is enjoyable until the last bite.


Also finding a home among the new poke offerings is the Umeboshi Octopus (65RMB). Featuring sliced octopus tentacles coated in a savoury plum marinade, this poke is a bit more of jaw workout than the tender shrimp and fatty salmon offerings, but is super satisfying nonetheless.

Get down to Little Catch and try the poke offerings for yourself. All priced between 55-85RMB, they’re a veritable bargain given the quality and freshness of the fish, and the taste explosion of the combinations.