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Sherpa's has launched a new app and you can now pay on WeChat too

WeChat Wallet and fapiaos FTW

Food delivery service Sherpa's have recently taken things up a notch, launching a new-look website, an iOS mobile app and introducing WeChat as an online payment option. In other words, it just got easier to order Sherpa's, which is probably a dangerous thing.


sherpas 2

They've also added a new tracking option that lets you see when the driver picked up your order and gives you a more accurate estimated time of arrival. By far our favourite addition to the site is the advent of being able to pay with WeChat. No more rushing to the nearest cash machine when you realise you've got no money in your wallet, or downloading Alipay just to pay for a cheeseburger.

There's also a shiny new Sherpa's app (available on iOS) to make ordering even easier and a snazzy new way of calculating delivery distance involving Gaode Maps. The feature works out the distance based on the actual delivery route, rather than simply using your geographical location. And in more good news, you will now also be able to request a proper fapiao with your order.

So, for the cooking-shy amongst us, as well as your flatmate who seems to be living under a pile of Tupperware boxes and delivery receipts, it doesn't look like your Sherpa's dependency is going to be relinquishing any time soon.

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