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Watch: LGBT activists expose electroshock 'treatments' in China

Documentary reveals use of 'conversion therapy' in China's hospitals

China has received a lot of attention on British television recently, with the likes of BBC documentary series Are Our Kids Tough Enough and Secrets of China taking over screens in the UK. After a brief hiatus, it seems that China is once again back in the British spotlight.

Channel 4's critically acclaimed Unreported World series recently aired a documentary revealing the truth behind China's use of 'gay conversion therapy'.

The documentary, China's Gay Shock Therapy, exposes the 'treatment' of China's LGBT communities. Filmed in August 2015, gay rights activists went undercover to expose the practice of 'aversion therapy' in Chinese hospitals.

As the programme states, although it has been almost 15 years since homosexuality stopped being classified as a mental illness in China, some hospitals still claim to be able to 'cure' homosexuality using 'aversion therapy'.

While the 'treatment' has no scientific basis and despite protests against it, 'China's Gay Shock Therapy' highlights that conversion therapy is still ongoing in China.

When undercover activists visit the hospital, one therapist suggests taking cold showers to control 'urges', jogging to 'release the excess hormones' or drugs which make the patient feel sick. The therapist explains that the idea is to make the patient 'feel scared' when confronted with homosexual desires.

The final treatment suggested is electroshock therapy, which can either be self-administered or received at hospital.

Watch a clip from China's Gay Shock Therapy [VPN required].