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New Shanghai Queer Film Festival to launch this September

A community-led, non-profit film festival curated with China in mind

With some serious creative energy pushing Shanghai’s queer scene to lofty heights this year, it comes as no surprise that a team of inspired young professionals are poised to launch an all-new queer festival this September.


The Shanghai Queer Film Festival (SHQFF) will be the city’s first independent film festival organised by a predominantly local Chinese team. Aiming to increase the representation of Chinese and Asian queer culture on screen, SHQFF will create a canvas that will be coloured by the exploration of sexuality and expansion of gender. 'Diverse and intersectional queer culture in cinema’ will be synthesised with a deeper knowledge and understanding of traditional Chinese culture, offering the local queer community real and meaningful representation on the festival screen.

SHQFF will also be offering a platform for underground, independent and under-represented Chinese and Asian filmmakers. Believing in ‘better representation on screen’, SHQFF will present a new take on Asian queer cinema, whilst emphasising an immersive and inclusive programme for film lovers, critics and members of the queer community.


Alongside more traditional film-screening, SHQFF will aim to offer an ambitious multi-dimensional ‘educational’ line-up to contribute a growing understanding and visibility of queer issues in China. The festival programme will also include a packed schedule of discussion groups, workshops, talks and lectures from leading academics, interactive activities and parties (obviously).

SHQFF is a non-profit community-lead initiative with a young team of over 20 unpaid volunteer designers, writers, curators, marketers and more. To get involved, contact the team at contact@shqff.org. SHQFF will be accepting film submissions from March 2017.

Keep updated by following SHQFF on Facebook @shqff and WeChat (ID: shqff) or visit the website at shqff.org.