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6 recent local music releases to put on heavy rotation

Listen to some locally-produced rock, electronic, punk and more

Shu Ying
Looking for some new music? Below are three excellent new releases from Shanghai-based artists and, further down, three nearly-new records that are also well worth a bit of time on your headphones or speakers.

Gooooose's they

Together with partner 33, Han Han forms the creative focal point of Duck Fight Goose and as such has been responsible for transforming their sound from math-rock to complex electronic music. He's also been fiddling with various gadgets and computer programmes under his solo moniker Gooooose for several years now, but this new record – released on Douban's D Force label – is the first full release of his own work. He's used an 11-track synthesizer to create three absorbing, intergalactic electronic tunes, which you can now stream on Xiami or Douban (click read more for a link).

You can catch a live set from Gooooose this Friday at the opening of artist Zhang Ding's intriguing Vortex audio-visual show at ShanghART's West Bund gallery.

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Shu Ying's Girl's Girl's World

Following last year's impressive Are You Still a Teenager? locally-based musician Shu Ying – who you may know from her work with Undress for Success – returns with a new full length that is the result of a one month recording session in the Netherlands. In Shu's words: 'The art of rock n roll to me is simple, just like any other kind of art: You hear great music and thrilled by the sound or the rhythm, everything, all the fantasy they created. It all makes you want to feel, makes you want to create your own great stuff.' 

Fans of The Velvet Underground, Yo La Tengo or the incoming Japanese Breakfast should give this a spin. 

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Tzusing's In a Moment a Thousand Hits

Shanghai-based producer Tzusing has unleashed a new EP on Bedouin Records, entitled 一瞬千撃 (or In a Moment a Thousand Hits), with fellow Shanghai resident Illsee also featured on the opening track. It's five tracks of dark, weird (in a very good way) electronic music with pulsating drum beats, warped vocal samples and Asian accents throughout. 

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And in case you missed these...

We Are Shanghai Vol 5

The local music compilation is back with a fifth edition, covering mostly foreigner-based bands and artists active on the city scene. It's long – the organisers appear to have gone with an all-inclusive track policy – but it features everything from folk and post-punk to hip hop and electronic sounds and even if you don't like everything on there, it's a good starting point for finding a few Shanghai acts you can get behind.

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Spill Your Guts' debut album

Currently enjoying their most settled line-up in some time, Spill Your Guts have established themselves at the forefront of Shanghai's heavy music scene with a slew of consistently blistering live shows. This is their first full-length record, and like the EPs that went before it, it's a scorcher. You'll want to turn the volume right up on this one.

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Ugly Girls: Welcome to the Suck

Shanghai-based quartet Ugly Girls serve up some unrelenting riot grrrl punk on their first album, recorded almost entirely in a single five hour 'as live' session. If you've caught any of their shows over the past few months, you'll know what to expect, with attitude-laden live favourites such as 'Love and Bureaucracy' and 'Yes Homo' making it to record.

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