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Apple Pay can now be used for the Shanghai metro

Yet more good news for we who always lose our public transportation card

A month after data sleuths discovered hints of Apple Pay Transit coming to Shanghai, it's here. That means your phone works like a physical card and you can directly scan it to get into the train station – no need to close your browser or enter a password.

Users of iPhone 6's and newer models, as well as Apple Watch Series 1 to 3, can now link their devices to Shanghai Metro cards and use them to get into the metro while making lost and forgotten metro cards a thing of the past.

Apple iPhone users must simply make sure they have updated to the latest iOS version, and then off they go into the metro without a single care in the world. Some users report being able to pass through entry gates without even removing their phones from their pockets, but one must wonder if payment signals could ever get crossed.

Users just need to click 'Add card' on Apple Pay and follow the steps. You can also transfer the existing balance of your metro card to Apple Pay by placing it on the back of your phone, and voila.

(Only supports iPhone 6 and above and Apple Watch Series 1 and above. Users must upgrade to iOS 11.3 and watchOS 4.3. Starting this function will require a service fee of 20RMB which is refundable.)

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