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Dig into a wagel at this Sunday's Spread the Bagel x Mr. Waffle mash-up

Bagels plus waffles equals a lusty brekkie affair

Introducing the wagel
Hold the front door... Spread the Bagel and Mr. Waffle are mashing up two of life's great carbs into one breakfast prodigy: the wagel. Now, let us explain: you see, when a waffle and a bagel love each other very much, sometimes they make sweet syrupy magic and pop out a mixed-brekkie baby. Taboo, you say? Well, we live in a modern world where it's all for one and all for love, so open your hearts and minds to this kindred duo and say hello to the best thing that's happened since the bacon doughnut burger.

What happens when you mix a Nutella banana bagelwich and a waffle

This Sunday 15 only, head to Spread the Bagel's shop to get your hands around two waffles stuffed chock full of bagelwich fillings like banana and rich Nutella; crispy bacon, fried eggs and cheese; smoked salmon, cream cheese and capers and more. It won't be long before these babies fly the nest leaving behind no more than a memory, so drag yourself out of bed and cure your Sunday hangover with one of these monsters.

Scan the QR code in the full event listing below to get a special pre-order deal: 70RMB for a wagel and a beer.