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A White Rabbit milk tea pop-up is now open in Shanghai

People are reportedly paying as much as 500RMB for a cup

Photograph: courtesy Happy Lemon
White Rabbit, the famous Shanghai candy brand, has teamed up with Happy Lemon to launch its first pop-up milk tea store in LuOne Mall. As usual with any highly anticipated new opening, the queue was insane. On opening day, people reportedly waited in line more than four hours for a cup. Some less-than-patient customers were willing to pay as much as 500RMB for one.

image-2019-06-14 (6)
Photograph: Janelle Chew

image-2019-06-18 (1)
Photograph: Janelle Chew

So what’s the craze all about? White Rabbit is known for its strong milky taste and edible rice paper wrappers, and has a decades-long history – the candy got international attention when then-premier Zhou Enlai gifted them to US President Richard Nixon during his visit to China in 1972.

White Rabbit candy is also experiencing a bit of a brand revival in the West. Earlier this year, LA-based Wanderlust Creamery launched a limited edition White Rabbit ice cream, while a Toronto-based Starbucks barista revealed how to make a White Rabbit Candy Frappuccino after noticing a trend for it.

image-2019-06-18 (2)
Photograph: @luckyricedotcom via Instagram

If White Rabbit milk tea sounds like your thing, head down to the Xuhui pop-up store, which will be open until Sun 18 August. Hopefully, the queue will die down in the next couple of weeks but meanwhile, here is what’s on the menu: White Rabbit Lemon Tea (19RMB), White Rabbit Lemon Tea with Ice Cream (25RMB), White Rabbit Milk Tea (19RMB), White Rabbit Milk Tea with Tapioca Boba (22RMB), White Rabbit Tiramisu Milk Tea (21RMB) and White Rabbit Tiramisu Milk Tea with Red Bean (23RMB). Overall, the White Rabbit candy taste was milder than we expected.

image-2019-06-18 (3)
Photograph: Janelle Chew

image-2019-06-18 (4)
Photograph: Janelle Chew

There are also a couple White Rabbit x Happy Lemon retail stands with bunny-themed totes, pillows and more swag.

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