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This year's top China April Fools pranks

Xiaomi's 'smart toilet', Uber's 'sleep taxi' and more

The Xiaomi 'smart toilet'

Major China-based tech companies have embraced April Fools' Day this year, with Alipay launching a convenient anything-on-demand system, Baidu providing a series of life-changing products and Xiaomi designing a smart toilet to keep you away from diseases. Here are some of our favourites. Don't be fooled.

Get whatever you need through Alipay Everywhere

What do you do when you need a pen or some spare change? Ask someone near you like a neanderthal? Luckily, you don't have to suffer the indignity of actual human contact - in 2015, there's an app for that. Alipay has just launched a powerful database to meet your needs, whatever and wherever they may be. Similar to a taxi app, you click the 'Everywhere' function in your Alipay app, put a note of what you need - a pen or a place to store your luggage for a couple hours, along with the amount of money you'd like to pay for the service and people browsing nearby are free to help you out. You're then given a list of respectable people to choose from and - boom - you've got that pen you needed. Simple.

Live better with Baidu


Baidu necklace

From the same lab that created chopsticks that can alert you to 'gutter oil' comes a whole raft of great new products. There's a new pillow, called Huhu, tailoured to your sleeping patterns, position and environment to help you sleep tight; a necklace where each pearl offers a different function such as translation, health alerts and taking perfect selfies; and a 'Flirting fund' in the Baidu Qianbao wallet app that helps you to flirt with a stranger near you and gives free tickets to movies or coupons to restaurants if things go well.

Take a 'Sleep taxi' with Uber


Entitled Zhougong Zhuanche (Zhougong is a Chinese god who helps you reflect upon your life through dreams), this app is designed specifically for those who struggle to sleep (and haven't yet got themselves a Huhu). Enter the code 'SLEEPNOW' into the Uber app and you'll see the Zhougong Zhuanche coming to get you on the map. Seats in the taxi will provide you with electromagnetic waves to make you so comfortable you'll 'nod off and feel perfectly rested by the end of the journey - even if you hit a Shanghai traffic jam.

Live healthily with Xiaomi's smart toilet

Xiaomi has unveiled the 'world's smartest toilet', called MiTong and featuring a 'futuristic' design with state-of-art sensors capable of identifying, diagnosing and analysing your daily business. The thing even provides suitable health advice and suggests dietary adjustments - in the video below the user is told they should eat more greens; a few taps of the screen later and a delivery person is at the door with some fresh organic veggies. It's also possible to set up an 'internet of things' in your home by allowing users to automatically sync your toilet, TV and speaker system using a Xiaomi phone, which of course you'll definitely want to do.

Play Pac-Man on Google Maps


Lujiazui Financial District

Google have transformed their Google Maps service into the classic arcade game Pac-Man. Open Google Maps, choose either your neighbourhood or a location with tricky, meandering roads, and the map will become the nostalgic game of your childhood. Perfect distraction from work? We’re not sure how long the game will be available. Even if it’s happening only for one day, for those of us living in Shanghai, a Pac-Man game could be a two-day treat given the time difference.