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Weather to Shanghai: 'You're screwed'

Typhoons, monsoons, cold - the weather at the moment is totally mental

There's no point sugar-coating it: we're screwed. The weather is going flippin' mental and we're all doomed. Run for the hills! No, wait - they're probably in danger too. Just DON'T PANIC and everything will be OK. Scare-mongering aside, just what on earth is going on with the weather at the moment?

Left-right: Typhoons Linfa, Chan-Hom and Nangka

Probably the event of most immediate concern for all of us is the predicted arrival of Typhoon Chan-Hom - part of a cluster of three typhoons that have developed in the north west pacific ocean in the past couple of days. Two of these typhoons, Chan-hom and Linfa, will hit Mainland China. More than 100 flights out of Shanghai have already been cancelled due to Linfa. Chan-Hom is forecast to reach the coast of Zhejiang on the night of Friday 10 July. Chan-Hom shouldn't strike Shanghai directly, although the city will be affected. Fortunately for us it's only going to be a super typhoon. Shit, actually that doesn't sound so good does it? Indeed, super typhoons are storms that can reach maximum wind speeds of 150mph.

A super typhoon: we're NOT scared

Before you crack into your zombie apocalypse rations though, bare in mind that the typhoon is predicted to hit Zhejiang, with Fujian and Shanghai being affected, but not in the line of fire. Another good thing to remember is that after a storm makes landfall it rapidly begins to decrease in force. All this means that Shanghai is likely to experience strong winds, storms and heavier rainfall, but the roof shouldn't be flying off your cherished Former French Concession lane house just yet.

And speaking of rain - there's been a lot of it recently, hasn't there? After last year's wonderfully tame plum rain season, it's back with a vengeance for 2015. The problem is no one's quite sure just when it's going to end, or why it's being so stubborn. El Nino, low temperatures and the aforementioned typhoon are all copping some blame, but really no one knows when it's going to end. If that gets you down, have a look at our plum rain season gallery and get inspired to go out and frolic. Alternatively, see our comprehensive rainy day Shanghai guide and find yourself a comfortable corner to hunker down in.


But there's more, oh yes: there's more. Despite Monday having been the coldest July day on record in 112 years (with the mercury barely reaching 21 degrees in Xujiahui and a mere 18 degrees in Pudong), once Plum Rain season finishes (and presumably it will at some point), we're going to be in store for another absolute scorcher of a summer, with temperatures forecast to top out at 39 degrees. As those of you present during Shanghai's hottest ever summer in 2013 will be able to attest, that's practically egg fryingly hot. We love you Shanghai, but you don't 'arf make it difficult for us sometimes.