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People's Square station is going to be largely closed over CNY

Get the lowdown on some serious works kicking off tomorrow

Micah Sittig on Flickr
Thinking of using the metro over Chinese New Year? Well, of course you are, but here's some news: People's Square station will be largely closed from tomorrow as part of some serious renovations to our beloved metro system over the holidays.

Between January 17 and February 10 trains on Line 1 and Line 8 will not stop at People's Square, and will simply skip the stop. So best to plan an alternative if you're planning on visiting Carl's Junior or other nearby sights. Line 2 will run as normal, but of course you won't be able to change to lines 1 and 8, and exits 5, 14, 15, 16,19 and 20 will be closed too. However, there are 12 more entrances/exits, so you should be able to find a way in/out if you're desperate.

If you need to get to People's Square from a Line 1 or 8 station, buses are available at nearby stations such as Xinzha Lu (Line 1), Huangpi Nan Lu (Line 1) and Qufu Lu (Line 8). Or maybe you'll want to try out Shanghai's latest bike sharing service.

Elsewhere, Zhangjiang High Technology Park Station on Line 2 will also be closed from January 21-February 10, while Shendu Highway on Line 8 is closed from January 25-February 8. Shuttle services will be available from/to Jinke Lu and Zhangjiang High Technology Park (7am-8pm), Lianhang and Shendu Highway (5.15am-10.15pm) and Shendu and Lianhang (5.20am-11.40pm).