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Top up your IC card, Shanghai's getting even more metro lines

Nine new metro lines under construction including one to Chongming island

Tim Adams from Flickr.com

Shanghai is set to hold the bragging rights of having the world's largest metro system as it plans to add nine new metro lines.

According to the latest Shanghai City Plan, Shanghai will see a surge in new transport lines – all to be done by 2025.

The nine new metro lines on the list include an airport express line that will connect Hongqiao Airport and Pudong International Airport, with Disneyland as a stop in between. Another major line will link Chongming Island with the city by the end of 2017, running from Pudong's Jinqiao area to Chongming's Chenjia Town.

Here's a map of what it will look like in 2020...


Source: shmetro wechat account

Also in the pipeline this year is Shanghai Hu Zha Hang Railway, which will serve as another channel connecting Hangzhou and Shanghai. Spanning over 80 kilometres, the railway line will start from Shanghai Jin Sha harbour, making a stop at Zhapu harbour, before reaching Hangzhou.

And then there's the East Shanghai Railway Station, with construction due to begin this year near Pudong Airport's Zhupu town. It will be Pudong's first high-grade railway station. According to the plan, East Shanghai Railway Station will have trains travelling to cities both north and south of Shanghai.

Basically, Pudong is set to be Shanghai's up-and-coming transport hub. Four transport lines – the new airport express line and the new Line 21, as well as Line 2 and the Maglev – will be in close proximity to the Pudong International Airport and Railway, ensuring convenient transfers. Looks like Hongqiao's got some stiff competition.

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