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Streetwear brand MLGB has been banned in China for being offensive

The name 'may endanger the socialist morality' or at the very least offend your mum

Photograph: @mlgb_official via Instagram
Popular streetwear brand MLGB has been banned in China. According to fashion/design industry site Women's Wear Daily, the brand lost its trademark on Monday (Mar 4) and the name can no longer be used in the country.

Founded by singer Wilber Pan and TV presenter Li Chen, MLGB was deemed by a Beijing intellectual property court to be endangering 'socialist morality' or at the very least be offending to your mum. Despite the company insisting that its use of MLGB stands for 'My Life's Getting Better', the acronym is referred to by many as standing for the letters of a slang phrase that loosely translates to 'motherfucker'. The issue was first raised to the courts by lawyers back in 2015.

As with many rulings of this nature, the news of the MLGB ban sparked debate on Weibo, but many of the posts and comments came out in support of the court's decision. The general consensus is that it was foolish for a company to launch a brand with that acronym in the first place and that Li and Pan were being intentionally vulgar. One commenter highlighted that things of this nature are often ridiculed by Chinese consumers, claiming they worked in a mall where Major League Baseball (MLB) merchandise was also being joked about for potentially being interpreted as a vulgar phrase.

Li and Pan are also the founders of streetwear brand NPC (New Project Center) which is also used when referring to the National People's Congress. As of yet, it hasn't sparked any lawsuits, reports WWD. What do we think? Cool it with the risky acronyms, lads. SMH...

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