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15 chat-up lines that will only work in Shanghai

These Shanghai-specific pick-up lines are guaranteed to work. Maybe...

Dating in Shanghai is a fickle beast. Despite being the world's most populous city proper, it can be a lonely place, with finding someone you connect with often proving to be a challenge. Apps like Tantan and Tinder don't quite offer 'love at first swipe' as anticipated, and it's so busy, chances are you'll never see that guy/girl you locked eyes with on the metro ever again.

So when you do meet someone, it's important to hit it off early – you only get one chance at a first impression, after all. Luckily for you, we've put together a list of Shanghai-specific pick-up lines that are sure-fire conversation starters...


You're like street food: I'm drunk, so I want you.

If we were together, you'd be like my apartment on a smoggy day: I'd never leave you.


Are you roughly a quarter of the Chinese population? Because you are smoking!

In the bedroom, I'm like Sherpa's: I always deliver.


Girl, are you a trip to Songjiang? Because I'm prepared to go the distance regardless of the chance of disappointment.

Hey, are you a Shanghai dog? Because you dress exceptionally well.

Are you a glass of hot water? Because I believe you're good for me despite there being no real scientific proof.

I'm like a Shanghai taxi driver: we don't need to speak the same language for me to get you there.

Are we People's Square station during rush hour? Because I can see us getting busy!

My bed is like my favourite WeChat sticker: I need to share it with you.


I'm like Shanghai's restaurant scene: I love a soft opening.

You're like the Shanghai summer: you're so hot I can't function properly.

Are you a Mobike? I want to ride you at my convenience.

My bed is like eating xiaolongbao: there's always room for one more.

Coming home with me is like going to Disney: magical, fun and really far away in Pudong.

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