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What to see and do at Shanghai Comic Con 2017

Nerds, geeks and self-proclaimed superhumans, assemble!

Grab your Mjolnir and your utility belt (if you know, you know). One of the world’s largest celebrations of geekdom, Comic Con returns to Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Centre for its third year this month, bringing with it three days of cutting-edge pop culture, cosplay, celebrity meet-and-greets and an objectively crazy time.

Helmed by culture events agency ReedPOP and held all over the world, Comic Con first dug its Wolverine-esque claws into Shanghai in 2015 and is well on its way to making it onto nerdy bucket lists everywhere.

While there’s enough happening to keep even the most ardent fanatics entertained, here’s how to win at Shanghai Comic Convention 2017.

Shake hands with the celebs

Experience the full numbing extent of starstruck-itis in the presence of the convention’s Entertainment Guests. Currently on a line-up of one is actor Brett Dalton, who will be taking a break from saving the world from total collapse in Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D to meet with fans on Saturday 6 and Sunday 7.

Meet the masterminds behind the scenes

Everyone knows the real heroes of the comic book world are the illustrators. And this year’s line-up doesn’t disappoint with headliners including the likes of fan artist-turned-celebrity-illustrator Dexter Soy, anime creator behind Mobile Suit Gundam Yoshiyuki Tomino, Phil Jimenez formerly of Wonder Woman, Jacob Chabot of Spongebob and The Simpsons comics, Jorge Molina known for Thor and X-Force and more.

Find out what's hot

To check out the flashiest trends of the pop-culture world head to The Block, a section dedicated to the display of the up-and-coming fads of the underground, from clothing you would have never worn in 2012 but looks kind of edgy now, to super high-tech action figures that would have made your 12-year-old self beam. There will also be a local ‘Artist Alley’ for local creators to showcase their work – you might just run into the illustrator of the next Naruto or rub shoulders with the architect of the first virtual-reality animated series.


Catch the Cosplay competition

Arguably the most anticipated event will be the Cosplay competition, where Shanghai’s creative minds can strut their stuff inside their self-crafted alter egos. This year’s competition will be divided into five categories including: needlework or sewn costumes; armour; FX, which includes special-effects makeup, prosthetics and animatronics; and Larger than Life, in which a creator is completely gobbled up by his/her costume (think Samus). First place winners will have the chance to compete at Chicago’s International Cosplay Crown Championship.