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Shanghai's airports roll out a system for faster customs checks

New machine examines luggage before it hits on the carousel

Photograph: Yousef Alfuhigi via Unsplash
Experienced faster customs checks during your Golden Week trip at Shanghai airports? It may have been the result of modified security check procedures currently on trial at Terminal 1 at Hongqiao airport and Terminal 2 at Pudong airport. According to SHINE, customs clearance time has decreased from 40 mins to only 15 during the trial.

Instead of getting your luggage from the luggage carousel and then going through checks, the new system sees bags checked before it is collected. If suspicious contents are detected, customs staff will attach a lock and a seal to the suitcase. Those with locked luggage will need to submit it for further inspection while other passengers can roll straight out with their suitcases.

Smuggling the luggage away from the customs area will trigger the alarm... So, for the sake of your own time, just don’t try your luck.

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