BooshKaBaash cancelled

Festival scrapped after police raid on opening night
BooshKaBaash cancelled
Published on 25 May 2013
UPDATE: It seems like BooshKaBaash wasn't the only live music event targeted over the weekend, with police also showing up at an outdoor show and taking in one of the foreign bands for questioning. As is often the case with incidents such as these, it's unclear exactly what the repercussions will be at the moment, but there have been periodic crackdowns in the past - most notably in the run up to the Expo - and we're hoping that this is a temporary situation and that there is no long-term impact on the bands, venues and organisers involved. 

We've just heard from the organisers of this year's BooshKaBaash Festival that the multi-venue music event has been cancelled following an incident with the police at the launch show last night. The authorities entered the Melting Pot bar before John Altman's Funkafied were due to perform and took the expat band who were playing in for questioning. The entire festival has now been shut down.

For their part, the people behind BooshKaBaash have issued an apology and promised to refund all pre-paid tickets. 

It seems this was a move from the authorities to target the festival specifically rather than the individual venues involved and at the moment the livehouses and clubs who were due to host BooshKaBaash events are continuing to operate as normal. 

'Permit violations' are being cited by the authorities as the reason for shutting the whole thing down, but given the scale of the event - effectively a series of regular gigs and DJ nights under one banner - this seems an odd move. We'll update this post if we receive any more information, but for the moment there'll be no Edjotronic, no Trolley Snatcha, and no Scandinavian Showcase with Bottled In England. Which sucks.


Posted by : mark elliott on 2013-6-19 3:44:23
Harland. The article does not state whether the event would have run at a profit, nor does it state that the bands were being paid for their work. So your comments seem to have inferred information which does not exist. It says the authorities state "permit violations". In fact the Chinese system makes it easier for local operators to obtain permits than foreigners. So its really the other way around from the way you've stated it.
Posted by : Harland on 2013-5-29 12:40:01
How were the organizers planning to pay taxes on the profits? How were the bands going to pay income tax on their wages? What employment contract existed between the bands and the organizers? Foreigners have to get over the "I'm exempt from Chinese law because I'm special" attitude. Follow the laws, you're just like anyone else.
Posted by : Mariine on 2013-5-27 15:42:46
Definitely sucks bigtime.......I won VIP tix too. :( feel worse for the musicians and organisers. Apparently police are cracking down on musicians without "proper permits' !



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