First look: Dixie

Tiny shop that serves affordable Korean-influenced tacos on Changle Lu

What is it? A Korean-influenced taco and quesadilla shop just a few doors down from Brothers Kebab has popped up bringing yet more street food to the area. Opened by the Vietnamese American who ran the recently-closed Toby, another tiny take-away place on Gaoan Lu, this new and updated snack shop features an expanded menu and a small counter seating area.


How does it work? Walk right in and order off the laminated menu. The small kitchen in back is neat and orderly and you can watch them whipping up your tacos, sandwiches and fresh juices.


What's on the menu? Asian tacos come in pulled pork, chicken, sesame tofu and Cajun shrimp, all running 23-32RMB. The soft taco wrap is actually an Indian paratha style bread, which manages to be both moist and flaky. All the tacos come stuffed with handfuls of toppings including shredded lettuce, red cabbage, carrot, cucumber and cilantro. We loved the soft shredded pork filling but our favourite is the juicy Cajun shrimp with its sriracha heavy dressing lending an intense chilli kick.


Also on the short menu are quesadillas, which are basically the same as the ones from Toby, our favourite is the spicy, Mexican beef chilli version with kidney beans (30RMB). He's also introduced a dessert variety, Anna banana quesadilla with peanut butter (25RMB). Sandwiches, which marry the style of Vietnamese banh mi with Korean flavours, include grilled chicken with pickle, carrot, kimchee and house mayo for 38RMB.


Then there's the fried potato section offering 'Korean poutine' (kimchi fries with pulled pork, 28RMB) and the delectable Caribbean style sweet potatoes (25RMB). These crispy strips come paired with a housemade chipotle tarragon mayonnaise for dipping and are easily the best sweet potato fries we've tried in this town.


For drinks there are the same very affordable made-to-order fresh juices (15-23RMB) like carrot, apple, ginger and orange pear.


We say Korean style tacos sold from food trucks were all the rage in California and New York in recent years, now Shanghai has its very own purveyor. This tiny shop with friendly service is a very welcome entrant to the Changle Lu strip with its affordable prices and tasty, fresh recipes.


Dixie 688 Changle Lu, near Fumin Lu See full address details