Shanghai's biggest Halloween parties 2015

The freakiest, creepiest and the best parties this All Hallow's Eve
Shanghai's biggest Halloween parties 2015TICT Warehouse Halloween Party 2011
First published on 15 Oct 2012. Updated on 30 Oct 2015.
We'll update this page with all the biggest and best Halloween parties in Shanghai for 2015 as we get them. In the meantime, you can check out the options below...


Posted by : CC on 2013-10-14 16:35:14
You forgot Halloween at The Geisha/Flamingo: Game of Thrones and at the Apartment: American Horror Story.Both are happening on Thursday Oct.31st, with Apartment also having Ladies Night that night.
Posted by : Claire, web editor on 2012-10-26 10:53:49
PX Productions Thanks for the extra info. You can see our event listing for Nightmare on Funk Street here:
Posted by : PX Productions on 2012-10-26 9:23:19
you forgot about "Roll'Er Up: Nightmare on Funk Street"!! Its going down November 2nd as well. DRESS UP LACE UP ROLL UP for Shanghai's only funky roller disco Halloween Party. Cooked up and served to you by none other than PX Productions, 1Love Shanghai, and DJ B.O. On Friday November 2nd, It's going to get all sorts of freaky at MINXIN ROLLER CLUB (imagine club Phebe except the exact opposite with awesome people, GOOD MUSIC, and a full on Roller Skating Rink in the middle of the club). We are bringing in the turn tables and DJs B.O, Dylux and Sal are bringing in the FUNK. 80rmb Entrance = 1 Pair of Roller Skates + 1 Drink! 50rmb Entrance if you wear your Halloween costume, bring your own skates or come before 10pm! Your Halloween costume may smell like cigarettes, alcohol, and street food from the past few nights, but throw it on anyway because the person with the best costume in the house will win a pair of Marshall headphones, a bottle of Smirnoff Vodka, and a Dutch Bakery Pie! The party kicks off at 8:30pm with a listening session for Friend or Foe's new album"What Have You Done With My Claw?"! Party Buses will be transporting corpses from Perry's Bar (at 1139 Kaixuan Lu - Pick-up time: 9:15pm) and Ellen's Bar (at 455 Jinshajiang Lu - Pick up time: 10:00pm) to the Minxin Roller Club. ROLL'ER UP - Nightmare of Funkstreet will be a legend in Shanghai's Halloween History!
Posted by : Max on 2012-10-24 14:16:43
So where is the STD one then? Golden Week was over two weeks ago now and still no mention of the venue. Update please!



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