Gourmet pop up snack shop for 4/20 day (Updated)

Local chefs create stoner snacks at new pop up stall this Friday

Update: The final menu sees three snack courses divided by themes, "Wake and bake", "Totally fried" and "Halftime at the bud bowl." Dishes will include a shared chilli beef nachos plate with sides of Hershey's Chocolate Syrup Mole Sauce and Grape Jelly and a dessert of a Snickers bar with a peanut butter ice cream sandwich in pretzel crust. The cost is 325RMB (cash only) including dinner and two drinks.

The pop up gourmet snack shop will have seating for a maximum of 80 people between 6.30-9.30pm. Book your place by emailing

American stoner holiday 4/20 takes place this Friday 20 April. To mark the special day,Yucca cocktail king Ryan Noreiks, Munchies owner Jason Jones and Madison chef Austin Hu join owner of Humble Meats, chef Marc Johnson to run a one-off food stand with reinventions of everyone’s favourite munchie snacks. The final menu is still being confirmed, so check back for updates.

Legend has it that the significance of the digits 4 and 20 come from a group of American students at San Rafael High school in '70s California, known as ‘Waldos’ (because they usually hung out by a wall), who would regularly meet at 4.20pm to smoke cannabis.

The event will pop up at Munchies on Wuding Lu on Friday 20 April.

Munchies,974 Wuding Lu, near Jiaozhou Lu. See full address details

Charlotte Middlehurst