9 words and phrases that have a different meaning in Shanghai than anywhere else


The words and phrases that mean something slightly different here in Shanghai than most other places. And we're not talking about the local hua...

'Cheap rent'

Other places: 2,500RMB a month.
In Shanghai: >4,000RMB a month.



Other places: A noise that Donald Trump makes, Chandler's surname.
In Shanghai: Something that you have for breakfast, that search engine you begrudgingly use when you're desperate.

'Orderly queue'

Other places: An organised line or sequence of people waiting for their turn.
In Shanghai: Error 404 - page not found.

'Cheap drinks'

Other places: 20RMB.
In Shanghai: 65RMB.

'Glass of water'


Other places: A cool refreshing beverage.
In Shanghai: A boiling drink often served in an inappropriate receptacle that burns your hand.

'Tap water'

Other places: Something that you can drink.
In Shanghai: Something that you use while brushing your teeth but still aren't 100 percent sure about.


Other places: Sorry, what?
In Shanghai: That thing your life revolves around.

'Bowel movements'


Other places: The last stop in the movement of food through one's digestive tract.
In Shanghai: A source of great concern.


Other places: The happiest place on earth.
In Shanghai: The happiest place in Pudong.

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