What do you love about Shanghai life? Take the Time Out Index 2019

We want answers to this question and more, and we’re asking for your help

Illustration: Time Out Global
Last year, we asked 15,000 people around the world some big questions about their cities. Things like ‘What’s your city’s most overrated neighbourhood?’ – it seems we're divided on that one: Old Xuhui, with its leafy streets and lanehouses, was both the area you loved the most and the neighbourhood you voted as the most overrated. No matter your opinions there, 88 percent of you agreed that you're proud to call Shanghai home.

We’re once again releasing the Time Out Index, along with fellow Time Out cities around the world, to investigate the reality of city living in 2019. How do you rate the city for eating and drinking? Have you conquered your phone addiction? (Last year, 58 percent of Shanghaiers said they can’t go a day without using WeChat.) And do you still think public phone shouters are far worse than PDA? We want answers to these questions and more, and we’re asking for your help.

The survey is fun and anonymous. It takes about ten minutes, and when you’re done, we’ll reveal your soul city: the place that you should get on your travel wishlist this year, based on your survey answers.

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