Closed: Win a pair of tickets to BREW&BLEND 2016+X

Attend the unique arts festival and social experiment at M50 for free

This competition is now closed.

Held in Shanghai’s renowned M50 art district, BREW&BLEND 2016 is no ordinary arts festival. Taking place over the weekend of October 14-16, t's a place for the public to explore ideas of the future amongst music stages, food, entertainment and a creative market. The 2016+X concept is a new experiment that transforms the 6000m2 industrial park into a unique future city through installations, performances, exhibitions and workshops inviting guests to participate, imagine and test themselves. Visitors are no longer just audience members, but become adventurers and part of a story crafted as a game to inspire the imagination.

Join over 150 artists, designers, filmmakers, architects, chefs, performers, writers, engineers and musicians in a new production that asks you to play and make your own journey to the future. Interact with innovative ideas through ‘50 Portals, 50 Questions’, set up to allow you to experience art, food, music, design, science and literature from all kinds of unique approaches. It’s all designed to make you explore everyday parts of life and possibilities for the future from alternative and imaginative perspectives.

If this sounds like your jam (and why wouldn't it?) enter our competition to win a pair of free tickets to this exciting event. To enter, simply send an email with the subject line 'BREW&BLEND2016+X', your name, phone number and delivery address to Competition closes Wednesday 12 October. Good luck!